Name: Jeonghan Yoon (윤정한)
Stage Name: Jeonghan (정한)
Birthday: 04 October 1995 (♎︎)
H&W: 5'10", 136lbs
Sub-Unit: Vocal Team
Random fact: Jeonghan prefers a noona relationship.

sources: kprofiles
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jeonghan yoon (윤정한) is my ultimate bias slash favorite person in the whole wide world! both his appearance and voice are soft and angelic although his personality can be on the devious side, and that alone explains his charm. he's gone through many phases and tons of different hair colors, but the most notable changes he goes through include both his singing and dancing prowess; they only improve day by day. i love to see his interactions with the other members, i love to see him laugh with mirth, and i especially love to watch him perform.

kitty mode jeonghan:

1.18.2020 marks 1700 days since SVT started, and i'm so glad to have been able to spend the small portion i've been here with jeonghan and the other members! i haven't been with SVT since debut unfortunately, but every day i have spent with them has been cherished. i hope to go to more concerts in the future, and i hope to see another 1700 days go well and happy!

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