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implemented 1.26.20

πŸ“₯ 2 πŸ“€ 1

22/30 spark kirari

4/15 SSR ticket

current drst campaign: N/A

Hello, welcome to Laika's creation and art repository! β™‘ Everything from crafts to digital art will be stored here.

Although kyumiare doesn't have an exact meaning, the feeling behind it is meant to evoke one's own personal interpretation of the word. The "kyu" part was inspired by Q-lia before I knew how to properly pronounce the brand's name, as I'm in love with the cutesy sticker and memo pad designs. Miare, I'm not 100% sure where that part came from, but I remember writing it in the notes section of my phone for safe keeping. In the end, it's just a string of syllables I thought sounded pretty together, and it doesn't need to have a deeper meaning. Kyumiare is just my screen name and what I identify with online.