This page is wholly dedicated to the people I have in my life who make life worth living. Anyone included here is extremely important to me and has helped me grow as a person and stuck around long enough to see me become the best version of myself.

🎲🍀 LUCKY 🍀🎲

Has stuck with me through all of my worst phases... I used to be such a little edgelord when I first met him, but now we're close as ever. It's been more than two years since we met and after two years of no contact, we've somehow become the best of friends. It's honestly a wonder how we've gotten so close and how we're so similar to each other now; you'd think so much time apart would cause us to be polar opposites, but no. It's been so refreshing to talk to him and reconnect; he's really such a unique and special person to me, and I genuinely love him with my entire heart and soul. I love catching him whenever I can (which can be difficult some times due to our 14 hour difference) and just talking about silly things, or our similar interests. We both support each other greatly, kind of like how one card would need another card in order to stand up.